Awning Fixings

The optimum solution for every substrate

How to attach an awning depends heavily on the structure. In order to make installation easier for users, fischer has therefore tailored its range of awning fixings to all common substrates.

fischer bolt anchor FAZ II.

For highest demands. Powerful and flexible.

The fischer bolt anchor FAZ II features the highest load-bearing capacities for the installation of awnings in cracked concrete. As a user, you can adapt the anchoring depth at millimetre accuracy to the respective loads. This is also regulated with the assessment (ETA). 

The new variant of the FAZ II with cup nut provides an optically appealing finish to the anchoring and is therefore particularly suitable for creatively challenging objects. The FAZ II with cup nut also reduces the risk of injury.

fischer Thermax 12 and 16.

The approved stand-off installation in ETICS.

The fischer Thermax 12 and 16 constitutes the optimum form of approved stand-off installation for mounting awnings in external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS).

It has been approved for high loads in concrete as well as solid and perforated bricks in combination with the injection mortar FIS V.

The Thermax 12 und 16 allows users to bridge insulating materials or rather non-load-bearing layers of 60 - 290 mm in order to anchor the load in the supporting shell.

fischer injection mortar FIS V.

The universal injection mortars for fixings in masonry and concrete.

The fischer injection mortar FIS V is ideal for the installation of awnings in cracked concrete and masonry (solid and perforated brick, porous concrete) with uninsulated outer skin.

In this case it is used in combination with the injection anchor sleeve FIS H K and the threaded rod  FIS A . The high-speed version of the FIS V with a faster curing time is recommended for situations where speed is the priority.

fischer injection anchor sleeve FIS HK:

For double-leaf masonry.

Double-leaf methods of construction are particularly widespread in northern regions. Be it with or without core insulation: when it comes to double-leaf masonry, it is crucial that the awning is anchored in the interior supporting shell instead of the outer leaf.

The fischer injection anchor sleeve FIS H K is suitable for bridging gaps. It can be directly installed through the outer leaf. Threaded rods FIS A in sizes  M10, M12 or M16 can subsequently be installed in combination with the injection mortar FIS V. The construction of the injection anchor sleeve FIS H K enables variable usable lengths of 20 to 200 millimetres.