The first hook without a catch.

Simple. Fast. Flexible.

How can a hook not have a catch? Very easy: by simply mounting it with a cordless screwdriver, aligning it flexibly and carrying heavy objects with ease thanks to its glass-fibre-reinforced plastic - the new EasyHook. Available as round, loop and angled hook.

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Where is the catch? The show that's all about the hook.

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The advantages at a glance

  • The attachable hook is installed quickly and easily using a cordless screwdriver.
  • Due to the predetermined breaking point, the hook can be positioned optimally.
  • The glass-fibre reinforced plastic ensures a high load level and secure hold.
  • The EasyHook can be installed at different distances from the wall depending on the screw-in depth.
  • The use of the cover ring and cap ensures a visually appealing design of the EasyHook Round and Loop.
  • The EasyHook can be used with the DuoPower, the DuoBlade or without plugs in wood, covering a wide range of substrates.
  • The EasyHook is available as an angled, round and eye hook (EasyHook Angle, Round and Loop)

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German Design Award

The fixing specialist fischer receives the German Design Award 2022 as winner in the category "Excellent Product Design - Building and Elements" for its new EasyHook range.

EasyHook vs. conventional screw hooks

  • Easy
    Without pliers, without scratches - the EasyHook can easily be screwed in with a screwdriver or even a cordless screwdriver.
  • Flush
    No matter how the EasyHook is aligned, it can always be mounted flush with the wall.
  • Straight
    The EasyHook can be aligned flexibly around its own axis and always be positioned as desired.
  • Flexible
    By screwing it in further, the EasyHook can be mounted at different distances to the wall.
  • Strong
    In addition to the glass-fibred plastic of the EasyHook, the screw also carries a part of the load. Therefore, the hook remains stable for a longer time.

Always easy. The EasyHook assortment.

EasyHook Angle.


EasyHook Round.

Hanging baskets
Hanging signs

EasyHook Loop.

Hanging baskets
Protection walls

Many building materials, one solution: EasyHook.

In solid brick, the EasyHook achieves its highest load values.
For applications in gypsum board, we recommend to use the plasterboard fixing DuoBlade.  
In combination with the DuoPower, the EasyHook is also suitable for perforated bricks.
Due to the included chipboard screw, there is no need to pre-drill in wood.
To achieve a larger hook opening, we recommend mounting with the shank cone.
To achieve a smaller wall distance, you can use the hook without the shaft cone. To do this, simply break off the front part by hand.


To break off the shank cone for applications in wood, simply insert the screw tip into the cone and push down.

And where is the hook now?

This is how you can easily get the EasyHook:
Here in the fischer online store or in your retailers store.

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